Torrent This Post

Every post on this blog can now be torrented, thanks to the “BitTorrent My Blog” Wordpress plugin by Maymay. (Maymay is perhaps better known for writing the Predator Alert Tool family of apps and plugins for use with social networks like Facebook and OkCupid.) If you’re using the Maelstrom browser, you will be torrenting and seeding this blog by default.

If you want to torrent any post on my blog, just add “/webseed” to the URL. For example, this post’s torrent can be found at /torrent-this-post/webseed.

If you find yourself using and enjoying this plugin yourself, please consider donating to Maymay. They live as a kind of modern-day ascetic, doing what work needs doing and asking for no payment aside from that which is freely given. Every little bit helps.