Email Bankruptcy

I have a tendency to keep too many plates spinning at once. I have a stack of whitepapers and articles to read over an inch thick and growing. I have 44 tabs open on my phone. I have 22 virtual machines, most with tabs of their own open as well, each related to a discrete project or interest I’m pursuing. I have 5 non-fiction books on my “to read as soon as possible” list, 3 of which are textbooks. I’m taking 3 classes (no, the textbooks are not related to the classes).

Recently I realized I had 14,561 emails in my inbox. (Sorry, my primary inbox. I have 5 email addresses, but I only regularly check two of them.) Less than two years ago I was at inbox zero. Today I’m back at inbox zero. Along the way I discovered many emails, some dating back from 2016, which I hadn’t replied to. A lot of them were from people I would have loved to have kept in contact with. I wish I had been able to reply to all of them!

If you’ve emailed me sometime since early 2016 and haven’t heard from me, then you won’t. My sincerest apologies for that. I’m declaring “email bankruptcy.”

If what you had to say is still important, or if you still want to get in touch, maybe grab lunch or coffee sometime, then please try emailing me again. I’ve cut some of the projects I was following, I’ve set aside some time to try bringing focus back into my life, and the odds I’ll get back to you this time are much better.